About US

We're an Established Business with a strong institutional/financial backbone rooted deep down and dating back 2000. We only source from trusted and proven signals/partners, to ensure you make the most from investing and trading with us. The Sucess of our business, is built on good relationships with our customers/partners. In all we do, we strive to be remembered for; Delivering Excellent customer service Massive Profit turn around Placing focus in building long term relationships Having an understanding of our customers unique needs. Our professional team, adjusts to the Automatic trading strategy according to the market situation no matter how long or short, we easily help customers make profit. Our partners and unique investment solution provides a personalized trading method with a professional strategy and rich experience to easily help customers achieve a target result. We have experts/partners from Stock market, Banks, Bureau D' Change, Oil and Energy with a 15yr experience to enable our investors get more in every step than others.


Professional Team: We have Qualified Investment Analyst who are developing new strategies daily.

Easy To Use: Be you a beginner or a pro in online investment field, we're sure that you'll find our platform user friendly.

24/7 Support: We provide unbeatable fast, professionql and effective support service, through Mail/livechat to meet our customers need.

BINAVAULT.com Experts in Forex, Oil and Energy we're your preferred partner in the financial market.

We market, sell and distribute all petroleum products to diverse clients based in Agriculture, Mining, Transport, Manufacturing companies, Government and general industry. No clients is too Big or Small for us. We're well placed to be your preferred consultant in foreign exchange, Btc mining, Oil and Energy.

Speak to us and find out why our customers rate us highly for; Superior Admin support, Customer service, Excellent profit turnover, Technical Expertise and experience, Guarantee on product quality, Product Availability.

Our goal is to enter the market of big players. The initial investment portfolio has already been formed and we have a stable profit pool and obtained the status of an officially registered company in the USA. But it's time for the next step. We offer our clients to use our experience and knowledge to generate income. This will make us the leaders in the investment market.

Our mission is to get a long-term return on each investment by minimizing risks. BINAVAULT.com builds only safe, transparent and honest relations with its investors. We believe that this is the only way to achieve our goal.

Daniel Irbis

“Equipment with a payback per year, the miner expects to recoup for two or three months, because he will think of something.”

People are the true value of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin distribution went beyond the bounds of economic laws. Cryptocurrency gives freedom and financial independence.

  • Protection from DDOS

    Our site is protected from all types of DDOS attacks at the highest level. We do not save on security and invest primarily in protecting data and equipment.

  • Long-term goals

    Our goal is to gradually develop and build up assets. We do not strive for receiving instant revenue, because we realize that in the long term we can achieve much more.

  • Availability

    You do not have to bring milBINAVAULT.com to our fund. You can start from $10 – it will be enough. The set of programs is focused on the maximum audience coverage.

  • Reliability

    We invest only in the most stable projects and cryptocurrency. The ability to manage risks allows you to receive high returns from any investment.

  • Profitable partnership

    Each of our investors becomes a partner and receives passive income from invited users. We have developed a referral program with a return of up to 5%.

  • Constant development

    The goal of the fund is to develop and become the leaders of the investment market. Author's strategies are used to manage assets and risks.

Official registration

After years of successful trading activity BINAVAULT.com found its logical confirmation in a legally registered company BINAVAULT.com. We have a certificate that is easy to check on the site.

The office is located in the US. But you can conduct investment activity from anywhere in the world thanks to our website. Here you will find a safe and convenient personal account. All transactions are conducted through trusted payment systems.

2261 Market St #4000, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA

Dan Morehead

“We believe in the future of cryptocurrency, because it entered the exchange markets on a strong note. Success in this sphere is assured to everyone, who gets the hang of managing risks in this sphere. ”